Blitzfreeze: A Five Men in Normandy Supplement
Blitzfreeze: A Five Men in Normandy Supplement (2018)


Blitzfreeze - a Five Men in Normandy supplement The outskirts of Leningrad, 1944 Army Group North is in full retreat. Overloaded trucks and tanks stream towards the Panther Line, with columns of dejected landsers trudging in their wake. The offensive launched in December ‘43 shattered the Wehrmacht’s tenuous hold on the city and allowed the Red Army to relieve the city’s emaciated inhabitants. Abandoning tonnes of military materiel, the crippled Army Group North races for the battered remains of the Panther Line at Narva. Blitzfreeze pits your band of half-starved, bone-tired veterans against the elements and the encroaching Red Army in a battle for survival that can only have one winner. Blitzfreeze is a narrative campaign expansion for Five Men in Normandy, building on the fantastically successful combat mechanics to give players the tools to create narratives worthy of the silver screen. Players will take command of a desperate band of unlikely heroes against the encroaching Red Army and the bone-chilling winter weather. Down to your last pack of iron rations, with half your squad ready to drop from exhaustion? Better trade some bullets for food and hope you've got enough rounds to make it through the next battle. Heroic veteran sergeant with a bullet in his leg slowing you down? Cut him loose and divide his gear between the survivors. Every man ready to drop after a bitter brawl with some hulking Siberians? Order most of your men to lay up and hope the remainder can survive the next battle. Blitzfreeze is a game of tough decisions where your tactical choices have ramifications that affect the whole campaign.

Dice Rolling
Variable Player Powers
World War II
Expansion for Base-game
1 - 2
Wanderer Productions
Tom Mecredy