Blood and Rust: Man on the Run – Free Quick-Start Rules
Blood and Rust: Man on the Run – Free Quick-Start Rules (2019)


Blood and Rust The world as it was is gone. The big cities are crumbling, full of death and cannibals. There's no safety or respite. People live and die by shiv, bullet, and by the internal combustion engine. Brutal gangs run the highways, preying upon anyone not fast enough to get away or well-armed enough to repulse them. Dry sand and cracked ground make up the harsh landscape, only broken up by mountains or rusting remnants of the before time. Even the weather is harsh and cruel with severe storms destroy anything that gets caught in the open, tossing grown men around like ragdolls. Welcome! The beta is done. Please enjoy our complimentary quickstart rules packet. Inside you will find: trimmed down version of the core rules, 2 starter scenarios, 5 characters, 4 vehicles, 1 blank vehicle card, templates, & tokens. —description from the publisher

Dice Rolling
Science Fiction
Measurement Movement
Line of Sight
2 - 6
JD Dibrell