Batyskaf (2018)


Be ready for an underwater adventure! Travel with a bathyscaphe and take photos of the most interesting animals! If you dive deeply under water, there is a chance that you will catch extremely rare and fascinating specimens. The one who creates the best photo collection and gets the most pearls wins the game. The game teaches good planning and trains the skill of estimating risk. Object. During the game, you dive with bathyscaphe to get the most interesting animal tokens. You use oxygen cards for this. Bathyscaphe submerge and emerge can be done at one time - as long as you have the right number of oxygen bubbles. The end of the game. The game is coming to the end when there are no oxygen cards in the deck. Count all the pearls that are on your animal tokens. The winner will receive the most points for the collected pearls. —user summary

Hand Management
Set Collection
Card Game
Collectible Components
2 - 4
Paweł Nowak-Reitz