Beast  of Gévaudan
Beast of Gévaudan (2020)


A Board Game of Influence, Mystery and Terror! What follows is based on true historical events: Something monstrous stalks the French countryside of Gévaudan. A terrible beast is slaying scores of innocents, and particularly relishes in targeting young women and children. On New Year’s Eve, 1764, the Bishop of Mende proclaims the Beast a scourge sent by God to punish the people for their wicked ways. The people are commanded to pray and repent, but this only serves to increase terror across the region and stoke the flames of superstition. and organize an effective response to the situation. The story of The Beast is immediately spun into one of the first sensationalized and most influential media crazes. Captivating imaginations across France, Europe and beyond, the rising number of “unnatural deaths” increases the demand for publications such as the Courrier d’Avignon. All the while the beast remains unchecked. Players enter the scene in January 1765, where they take on the role of hunters in pursuit of the Beast. Some have come for holy reasons, believing they combat the Devil’s manifestations on Earth. Others are driven by altruistic motives, hoping to save more innocents from being slaughtered by the menace. There are those with less honorable reasons too, obsessed with seeking fame and fortune in slaying the Beast. And a diabolical few have more sinister motives, hoping to use the events as a smokescreen for their own personal vendettas and dark deeds. Veteran hunters also flock to the area just for sport, as this is a hunt for the ages! If they hope to succeed, players will need to curry favor with one of the four estates, through whose generosity they will gain superiority on the hunt. And with luck on their side, they might finally bring an end to The Beast of Gévaudan’s reign of terror! The game themes and mechanics revolve around the following: the Mystery of the Beast: A Novel Mechanic where the Nature of the Beast can be one of 24 options, which players try to discover during the game to prepare for the Final Hunt! Spinning Narratives: Dealing with the Four Estates and secret patrons to spin the public opinion of what the Nature of the Beast is… and gain Influence above your rivals! Deception and Secret Agendas: There are numerous ways to gain the most Influence and win the game… tactics and strategy are key to being triumphant! Psychological Trauma and Animal Companions: The use of Fear and Trauma mechanics to help players also appreciate the terror people faced in those dark times… and that one’s faithful hound or trusty steed was all the treatment that existed back then! —description from the designer

Age of Reason
Push Your Luck
Hidden Roles
Finale Ending
2 - 6
Hounds and Jackals
Bruce Ballon
45 - 90