Battle of Britain
Battle of Britain (1975)


Genuinely Britain's finest hour, help defend the south coast of England as swarms of German bombers cross the Channel and target our defenses. A large board has a hex grid, basically showing the French coast and the Home counties, divided into a sector for each player, with airfields and AC-AC, and a spinner to direct the Luftwaffe randomly. The player pieces are a base unit, to show fuel remaining, card stock for the plane, and a stalk with a sprue to control the height of the aircraft. You have 2 actions, to move and change height. Land to refuel, run out and you crash, get behind a bomber at the same height to bring it down. First to knock down 5 wins. "Tally ho, Ginger, chocks away!"

Dice Rolling
Aviation \/ Flight
World War II
Hexagon Grid
Action Points
2 - 4
Berwick's Toy Co. Ltd.