Best Friends Challenge
Best Friends Challenge (2019)


The Best Friends Challenge game is based on the "Best Friends Challenge" game that takes place on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Each round in the game, two players are challenged with an outrageous question, e.g., "Would you rather have a singing cat who can predict your future or be able to sneeze dimes?" If the players answer the same way, they get to move the two halves of their heart locket closer together; if not, the players must draw a "bonding moment" card and carry out whatever action it describes, e.g., "Make dinosaur arms and pretend you're two T-Rexes fighting". —user summary Best Friends Challenge is the most awkward way to bring friends together…literally! Besties put their friendship to the test in this party game that challenges them to answer "would you rather" questions with identical responses. Teams of friends wear a heart locket belt and each time they answer the same way, they turn the knob that brings the halves of the locket-and the two besties-closer together. Mismatched answers require them to draw a Bonding Moment card that instructs them to perform hilarious and often awkward activities. Completing the challenges can strengthen their friendship as it closes the distance between their halves of the heart locket. The team of besties that ends with the fewest Bonding Moment cards wins the game. —description from the publisher

Party Game
3 - 99
Joe Bradford