Belapati War
Belapati War (2019)


Nusantara, 14th Century .. Jawadwipa burned. Two unequal forces met on the battlefield. If before, Sunda thought that eventually it would end up with happiness, they must face the bitterness of seeing everything turn into disaster. King Linggabuana and Princess Dyah Pitaloka were astonished to see what was happening before their eyes. Majapahit besieged with complete weapons ready to melt Sunda. Gajah Mada wants Sunda to bow in Majapahit's lap. King Hayam Wuruk couldn't resist Sunda still hold fast the soul of the knights they have. Bela Pati is the only way they choose. They fought to protect their pride. They fought for the sake of their kingdom pride. They fought for the sake of the kstaria they have. They fought even though they knew it would all be ashes. They fought to the point of death. After all there is nothing left, Princess Dyah Pitaloka chose to sacrifice herself in order to protect the pride of her kingdom. Even the King Hayam Wuruk was sad, his loved one is gone. But the spirit of struggle of the two kingdom countries teaches us, that what we dream of is worth fighting for until it becomes a reality. Inspired by how the courage of the Sunda to fight against Majapahit, Bela Pati Boardgame was created. Aside from being a media for education of the dark history of the people of Indonesia, This board game will also take you to feel how the soul of “ksatria” in each step you choose burn in your heart. Choose the kingdom that you will play. Mighty Majapahit, or Brave Sunda. Find the path to victory to maintain the dignity and spirit of the knights of Nusantara. The warrior pawns moves 4 directions while the king pawn moves 8 directions. There are change direction boxes and secret card boxes. If the pawn on the change direction box, then the pawn of the player has the right to change direction according to the available arrows. If it is in the secret card box, then the player has the right to take the card provided. victory can be achieved by spending all the opponent's pawns.

Dice Rolling
Abstract Strategy
30 - 45