BedBugs (2019)


BedBugs is a 2-player set collection game, created within 24 hours to participate in 24 hour contest - May 2019. Objective of the game is to take cards that form sets for scoring but without taking more cards than your opponent. To setup, shuffle the cards and deal them all out, making a long row, face up, with just enough overlap so that each card can be identified. Whoever last squished a bug starts first, each player takes turns to draw one, two or three consecutive cards from the top end of the row until no cards left. You must place the cards you take face up on the table in front of you, clearly arranged by letters, so your opponent can always see what you have taken so far. The game ends when the row of cards is exhausted. Then the players do the scoring. The scoring combinations are either sets of three such as; three of the same letter “b” or “e”...etc or sequences of letters that spells either “bug” or “bedbug”. Each card can only be counted once in a set or sequence. Your score for the deal consists of two parts. First, for combinations, score as follows: sets: three “b” for 3 points three “e” for 6 points three “d” for 9 points three “u” for 6 points three “g” for 9 points letter sequences: “bug” for 12 points “bedbug” for 18 points Next, take your total score and multiply it by the total number of cards drawn by your opponent to have your final score. —description from the designer

Set Collection
Card Game
Print & Play
Children's Game
(Web published)
Arif Nezih Savi
5 - 15