Bitchy Witches
Bitchy Witches (2019)


It's witching hour! Become the new Supreme Witch in this fun and fast-paced card game. Prepare your spells, summon spirits... Let the battle begins! Goal of the game To win you must earn 7 arcane points twice, both from spirits and familiars from your Arcane Inheritance, and neutral creatures in your domain. If you manage to earn 7+ points out of your arcane inheritance and neutral creatures, you win one round. Now, remove the cards adding up to you 7 arcane game points from play and flip your witch card. The rest of the cards from your domain are sent to Limbo. Earn another 7 points out of your Arcane inheritance in your domain to win the game. Game rounds In each turn, you can play one spell card and then draw cards until you have 3 in your hand. You can also skip your turn without casting a spell. There is 4 spells: Summon, Portal, Dispel and Transmutation. With that spells you will summon and move spirts, familiars and neutral creatures from the Limbo and your domain. -description from designer

Set Collection
Card Game
Card Drafting
Area Majority \/ Influence
3 - 4
Luis Castro
Fidel Lorite
Josh Merrick
10 - 20