Beast Dice
Beast Dice (2018)


Beat Dice is a game where you push your luck to beat your opponent without going bust. It comes with an acrylic stand figure for each player to track health and victories. Each player starts with 30 health. Each round you start by rolling your base die, numbered 2-7, to determine your base power. If you and your opponent tie you re-roll, but each re-roll adds to base power. Whoever gets the higher roll goes first. On your turn you can pass or boost. If both players pass, the player with the lower power takes damage equal to difference in power. If you boost you can choose to roll the Light Boost Die or the Heavy Boost Die. Both have a 1/3 chance of Bursting, which means your power goes to 0 and your turn ends. The Light Boost Die has a 2/3 chance of doubling your power, while the Heavy Boost Die has a 1/3 chance of tripling your power and a 1/3 chance of dealing you three damage. A round is over when one player runs out of health, and the game is played to the best of three rounds. Can you boost without bursting? —user summary

Push Your Luck
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