Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Men of Hawkshold
Battleground Fantasy Warfare: Men of Hawkshold (2020)


In all the Holds of Men, one is first among equals. . .Hawkshold. No feudal duke, nor Elven prince, nor Dwarven lord marches to war without knowing how Hawkshold will respond. The Grand Duke of Hawkshold can field legions of brave knights, trained soldiers, and ruthless mercenaries. The Men of Hawkshold is a reprinting of the very first faction of Battleground Fantasy Warfare, featuring redesigned rules and all new artwork. Battleground Fantasy Warfare is a miniatures game — without miniatures! Units are represented by cards portraying the warriors and their characteristics. Each player builds their army, deploy their units, and assigns them orders. Once the battle begins, each player only has a limited ability to command their army. The player with the better plan can use their commands to inspire or enchant their units in combat. Quick to set up, easy to store, Battleground is a game that can be played at your kitchen table and carried in your pocket. And yet Battleground is a deeply tactical game, where maneuver and marshaling your limited command resources are the keys to victory.

Dice Rolling
Variable Phase Order
Action Points
Action Queue
Your Move Games
Corey Somavia
Brook Villa
Marcus Giegerich
Scott Garner
60 - 90