Bienvenue à bord
Bienvenue à bord (2019)


As cruise organizers in Bienvenue à bord, the two players must manage the reception of travelers in the cabins of their boat. Each round, one player is the dealer, drawing three cards face up, then splitting them into two groups. The other player chooses one group for themself, while the dealer receives the remaining group. Cards are of three main types: Cabin cards allow you to "open" one or more cabins on your boat, with cabins existing in three levels; once you've opened a cabin, it's now ready to receive passengers. Passenger cards must immediately be placed into open cabins. Each placed passenger gives a certain number of positive or negative victory points (VPs) or a specific symbol; additionally, each passenger wants a certain level of cabin, and the bonuses vary depending on whether this requirement is fulfilled. Objective cards give endgame points based on various criteria. After each of the five rounds, one of four "stopover" cards is revealed and resolved. Whoever has the most of a certain element — passengers, open cabins, etc. — receives 6 VPs. When the game ends, players receive additional points based on symbols they've collected and objectives they've met.

Set Collection
Card Drafting
Capitaine Meeple
Antoine Bauza
Ludovic Maublanc
Corentin Lebrat
Théo Rivière
20 - 30