Bazaar 1295
Bazaar 1295 (2018)


Story of the Game: In the year 1295 (the year ending March 20, 1917), that is to say, 95 years after the time when Tehran was determined as capital of Iran, the small bazaar (market place) of Tehran which had not so much flourish before facing an increase in number of immigrants. Bazaar of Tehran was gradually becoming a big market place which needed a capable manager. For this reason a competition was held between 5 experienced businessmen of that time in order to decide who will become the “Elder” one of the bazaar. Aim of the Game: By the end of the 5th day, the player with the highest total of gold coins wins the game. How to play: Stage 1: Taking the Tile of Goods This stage has 2 parts. In the first part: each player randomly takes tiles from the bag keep some of them to expose to other pkayer and return the rest to the bag. Stage 2: Transaction Any transaction is possible and free in this stage. In this stage the players are permitted to transact and exchange any goods with the asset coins( gold coins ) or with other goods in only 2 minutes which should be controlled by a timer. Stage 3: Costing and Sale (bidding) In this stage ( considering the main board-game ) all the goods will be sold.each player holds one of the costing coins in his fists ( considering limitation of costing for each goods ) and keep his hand in front of the shop and all the players open their fists simultaneously. the person who has offered lower price takes action for selling his goods. Stage 4: Storing In this stage all the goods that have not been sold and remained in the shops will be flipped to the other side ( Black and white side) and will soon be expired. It means that , if they are not sold the next day,they will be removed feom the shop without receiving any amount of money and will be returned to the bag. Stage 5: Movement of the day tracker token End of the Game: The game will be finished on the 5th day after the end of the sale. —description from the designer

Party Game
3 - 5
Fekrkade Complex
Amin Nasri
45 - 60