Best Act
Best Act (2018)


In Best Act everyone at the table has to say the same thing in a different way - and you have to figure out which is which! Each round you draw a theme card, which has what you'll say - for example, "I'm fine". On the theme card is an enumerated list of situations where you'd use that phrase - "when you're upset", "politely refusing sugar in coffee", "reassuring someone after you tripped", "at a funeral". Each player gets a card telling them what situation to use and they have to perform the theme as best they can. After that everyone tries to guess what situation everyone else was acting out - you get points for correctly guessing what other people were doing and when other people correctly identify your situation. "Best Act" is re-release of the doujin game "はぁって言うゲーム". -- user summary

Party Game
3 - 8
Jelly Jelly Games
Kazunari Yonemitsu